Generally Jaded Wacked


So you had a few high-profile wacko moments in the 80s or 90s. Things have calmed down quite a bit since then. Generally Jaded Wacked is a rock cairn that is a little wacked. It tilts to the right and then to the left but in the end it all balances out perfectly. With a big flat wide base, this rock cairn can balance and compensate for almost anything and so can you. Wacked rock cairn reminds you that you cannot be shamed by your crazy and that you are proud you can still muster that little somethin somethin of a gleam in your eye that tells folks to – LOOK OUT!

If you orĀ  your best friend need to be encouraged to let your crazy out once in awhile, Generally Jaded Wacked tells you to go ahead and give it all you got because there exists an inherent balancing force that is all yours. Live a little.

Generally Jaded Wacked rock cairn measures approximately 3.5″ x 4″ x 4″.

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Rock cairns are one-of-a-kind creations divinely inspired by nature. The small rock cairns range from 3-6 inches in height and consist of at least 3 hand collected, polished and selected river rocks. Careful attention is paid to the natural fulcrum when stacking rocks. Yet because these rocks have been enhanced by polishing, their surfaces are too slick to retain stacking structure if jarred or shaken even slightly. To improve durability we use a common adhesive to maintain the integrity of the stack.

River rocks. Common jewelry gem adhesive.

Care and Instructions
Well folks, these are rocks after all, and they have been shifting and changing for 10s of thousands of years by nature’s wondrous forces. Other than a light dusting they will certainly out-live our lifetimes. While we are experimenting with the most durable rock adhesives, it is likely the current adhesive will break down over time especially when exposed to extreme heat or cold. So bring these babies inside in the winter. If your adhesive fails take the opportunity to re-stack or re-glue in whatever configuration your heart desires. We will keep you posted on the most effective and durable adhesives as our experience broadens.

Your rock cairns are packaged with the utmost care using all natural packaging material. If your cairn arrives broken please let us know. Because these are one-of-a-kind items we cannot give you an exact replacement. We will make sure that you can return the cairn for repairs or a full refund if desired.


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