claim of worth
(how we charge)

How much does a whole new way of being on the internet cost?

At Dame Ranch Designs, we believe that underlying any transaction where money is exchanged for creative services is an exchange of energy that is agreed to by both parties. Let me explain. There are two layers to any transaction:

  1. The actual exchange of goods or services for currency or compensation and,
  2. The energetic exchange between the two parties generated by the interaction between those involved and the inspirational level of the work.

The buyer is satisfied with a transaction when she feels she received value that was commensurate with the dollars she paid. Her energetic investment was through the money she paid. And the seller is satisfied with a transaction when he feels like he was paid adequately given the value of his product. His energy exchange was the creativity and love that he invested in the goods or services. When both parties are happy, there is an equal exchange of energy. A mismatch of energy can lead to dissatisfaction for one or both parties and can create stress, anger, frustration, shame, resentment, fear and remorse.

At Dame Ranch Designs, we are inspired when you are inspired and hope that all of our clients are seeking to create a whole new way of being on the internet that is in alignment with the highest energy investment available to them. We know that there is a balance between the level of investment that inspires your creativity and excitement but does not generate fear or stress because it is beyond what you are feeling comfortable investing. Only you know what that balance is. We will simply match what you are willing to invest with an equal amount of creative inspiration and services

We do not charge by the hour, or place a predefined value on our expertise. We sell our inspiration. We consider ourselves co-creators in agreement with you and the transformation you are seeking is created through our exchange. As such, it is essential that we start out on the right foot and that we agree to match energies from the start. We cannot find our tummy-tickle level of inspiration in helping you create your new way of being if you are feeling afraid or stressed by your investment. And, you will not be satisfied in the final product if you are feeling that your level of investment is unworthy of your full expression.

I ask you again, How much is it worth to you to claim a whole new way of being in service to your full expression?

The first step in your transformation is to initiate a conversation with one of us at Dame Ranch Designs and this is completely free. We want to hear about you or your business, your challenges, opportunities, desires, ideas and inspiration. We want to determine if you are a good fit for us and for you to decide if we are a good fit for you. We don’t ask you to subscribe to anything, buy a membership or sign-up for a program. We will not keep your contact information for a mailing list. All conversations are confidential.

If we are all in agreement to continue this relationship, we will ask you to sign a Claim of Understanding. As part of this understanding, we will ask you to create a proposal for compensation. There is no template for this proposal. It is completely up to you and all options are considered. We simply ask that you consult with your knowing and ask yourself how much this transformation is worth to you and what you are willing to invest. If you are unsure at first and feel like you can only make a minimal investment, we completely understand. Please propose a compensation solution that feels right and truthful for you.

The compensation proposal can be flexible and modified at any time to reflect any changes you are requiring in the level of your investment. You may decide to pull back or find that it is in your highest good to amp it up. You may even decide that you desire a whole new way of being and a really cool website too. Dame Ranch Designs simply matches the investment you are willing to make if we are in alignment with your truth. We reserve the right to decline your proposal, renegotiate and/or dissolve the relationship if our level of inspiration is not aligned with your energetic investment and we determine that it is not in our highest good at the time. We do not judge, we do not evaluate based on the highest bidder. Our purpose is to find that tummy-tickle, awesomely-inspired, fantastically juicy free flow frequency that arises from helping you and your business transform to a new way of being and remember what truly divine, creative, unique and worthy beings we all are.

We are very curious to meet you and to hear your story! Please Contact us today.